Friday, November 4, 2016

Speak up!

Yesterday we had Chris from Manaikalani Out Reach. We learned about problems in cyberspace. This is my DLO about speaking up.

I enjoyed making this poster. I like my poster because I find it cool, fun and colorful, but I think that I could have put more images and more facts.


  1. hi hope i really liked your writing but theres one mistake it says the your frends

  2. Hi Hope,
    I am Fifita from Panmure Bridge School. I really like what you have put on this. I think that this is really good because it can help people stand up for themselves. Thank you for sharing you work.

  3. Hi Hope,
    My name is Freeman and I'm form Panmure Bridge School I think that you have very good tips. I think everybody should get the message as well keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Hope
    My name is Sylis and I am from Panmure Bridge School. I really liked the message you are telling everyone. Next time you should proof-read your work because I saw some errors.
    Keep up the good work